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specialist seating
The Astro Longford Bari has been designed specifically to provide bariatric users with a modern, sturdy and attractive seating solution. 
*Safe user weight 35st & 40st*

Manufactured in Britain to the highest standards of design, the Astro Longford Bari offers users variable backrest and pressure relief options.

It has multi action, tilt-in-space, backrest recline, legrest elevation and doubles as a pressure relief and comfortable day chair, re-distributing body weight over a larger surface area to minimise stress on pressure points.

The Astro Longford Bari

  • British made

  • 40 stone weight capacity

  • Motorised with rechargeable battery

  • Range of additional accessories available

  • Wing handles for increased portability

  • Adjustable and removable footplate

  • Available in a range of colours

Size Adjustments

  • Seat depth: 16-22" | Seat width: 24" – 32"

  • Seat height: 19" - 22" | Armrest Height: 7" - 10"

Ideal for Lymphedema, Bariatrics, Mediatrics, Lordosis Support, Gluteus Shelf, Relief of Oedematous Legs, Leg Ulcers and more.

astro longford bari sizes
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