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Stand Transfer vs. Hoist Transfer: Which chair should i choose?

When it comes to patient mobility, choosing the right chair is crucial for both the comfort and safety of the patient. Two commonly used methods are stand transfer and hoist transfer. While both approaches serve the same purpose, they have distinct differences that need to be considered when choosing a seating solution.

Stand transfer involves assisting patients to stand and move short distances independently, using aids such as transfer belts or riser recliner chairs. This technique focuses on promoting the patient's strength and balance, allowing them to maintain their mobility and independence. Riser recliners can assist users with standing safely and securely. Riser Recliners commonly do not have wheels as users are able to stand move around either independently or with assistance. The Astro Hindon Select however, is our first portable riser recliner, with castors as standard. We call it the 'future proof' chair as it is suitable for both hoisted and stand transfer users. This chair can be easily navigated around the home for increased feelings of user freedom.

On the other hand, hoist transfer utilizes mechanical devices, such as patient lifts or ceiling track systems, to transfer patients from one place to another. This approach is ideal for patients who have limited mobility or are unable to stand independently. Hoist transfer ensures the safety of both the patient and the caregiver, reducing the risk of falls or injuries during the transfer process. Hoist-in chairs are portable and come with castors as standard to allow the user to move around the home and to reduce the amount of transfers needed. They are commonly raised higher than riser recliners to increase accessibility for hoists and for care staff. Some hoist-in chairs also feature removable armrests to make hoist transfers even easier. 

All of our care chairs come with tilt-in-space as standard to assist with pressure relief and postural support for all users. If you still can't decide which chair is right for you, give us a call on 01722 410387 or complete our pre-assessment form here.

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