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Bathroom Toilet

Clearline are now a trusted supplier of the Showerbuddy toileting/shower chair range. We are excited to work alongside Showerbuddy to help provide a more rewarding bathroom experience for anyone suffering with mobility challenges. We offer free, zero obligation seating assessments to ensure you find the right toileting/shower solution to suit your needs. For more information, give us a call or send an email.

The perfect solution for your needs

Showerbuddy develop a range of solutions to suit specific requirements that your client or you may have. Simply explore the range and see for yourself. Their team continually innovates new chairs and accessories to add even more adaptability to the community’s needs.

No remodelling

Remodelling is expensive, destructive to bathrooms and time consuming to undertake. Showerbuddy removes any need for remodelling, without sacrificing any functionality or comfort. It’s a great choice for rentals or shared bathrooms as a result. You can be set up and using the most complex chair in under an hour.

Premium design

Showerbuddy’s mission to provide the best bathroom experiences to those with mobility challenges extends into their commitment to research and development. They develop custom tooling and manufacture every chair in their state of the art, dedicated facility. Every bolt, lever, cushion and frame is produced with high grade materials and to exacting tolerances.






Huge range of additional accessories!

A bathroom mobility solution should be designed around you or your client’s specific requirements.

Showerbuddy offers a range of accessories that adjust the chair to suit.

This includes different cushions, backrests, neck support, bridge lengths and more. 

*Please contact us on 01722 410387 to inquire about additional accessories - unavailable for online purchase

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