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specialist seating
Ideal for Multiple Users/Recycling - Highly Adjustable and Modular!

This dual or multi-action, highly versatile rise and recline chair will support most general and early stage conditions whilst also providing the same excellent postural support and pressure relief found in all our neurological chairs. The Chilmark Select is extremely adjustable and provides a number of options to enable regular repositioning of a client's posture to redistribute pressure and support pressure care management.

  • British made

  • Choice of backrest support cushions for postural support

  • Dual tilt-in-space or multi-function (Separated tilt | Legrest | Back recline | Rise-to-stand | Flat lift)

  • Variable angle lift (Immediate tilt forwards | medium lift | high lift)

  • 25 stone weight capacity

  • Replaceable pressure relief seat cushion

  • Can be used with various stand-aids

  • High legrest elevation

  • Wipe down, breathable fabrics

  • Easily adjustable to meet a variety of size requirements (see sizing availability below)

The Astro Chilmark Select

Ideal for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PSP, MS, Motor Neuron Disease, Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis and many more neurological conditions or mobility impairments. 

Size Adjustments

Seat height: 16" – 22" | Seat width: 16" – 22"

Seat depth: 16" – 22" | Back height: 26", 28", 30" or 32"

Armrest Height: 6" - 8"

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