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The Astro Chilmark

The Astro Chilmark Riser Recliner is recommended as a therapeutic aid for users with milder mobility challenges.

This highly adjustable and British made chair is available in either single or dual tilt-in-space options and will accommodate most general or early-stage conditions. It is supplied with a medium-high risk replaceable pressure relief cushion and offers super comfort as well as a range of backrest options for a variety of postural support requirements.

tilt in space riser recliner care chair in grey
  • British made

  • Ideal for use with variety of stand-aids

  • Substantial tilt with high legrest elevation

  • Range of postural support accessories

  • Tilt-in-space & rise-to-stand | Seperate back angle recline

  • Silver wipe-down fabric with grey breathable vapour fabric permeable to inner

  • Adjustable to various sizes

  • 25 stone weight capacity

Size Adjustments:

  • Seat height: 16" – 20"

  • Seat width: 18" – 22"

  • Seat depth: 16" – 20"

  • Back height: 28"/29"

  • Armrest Height: 7"

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