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specialist seating
The Astro Ansty is designed with complex postural needs in mind.

The Astro Ansty offers a multi-adjustable manual backrest and seating support, which is specially designed to stabilise, support and where possible, realign spinal asymmetries. It is available as a manual or motorised functioning chair with tilt-in-space, legrest elevation, and back angle adjustments as standard.


The backrest can be quickly and easily adjusted in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation to provide an adaptable “mould” to support numerous postural challenges.

The Astro Ansty

  • British made

  • Meets highly complex & severe postural support requirements

  • Multi-adjustable & easy to use

  • Increased comfort compared to foam carved chairs 

  • Manual, motorised and part motorised versions available

  • Tilt-in-space and separate legrest elevation

  • Range of footplates available 

  • 20 stone weight capacity

  • Four braked castors

  • Ideal for Scoliosis, Stroke, Kyphosis, and other complex postural needs.

Size Adjustments

  • Seat depth: 16" – 22" | Seat width: 16" – 22"

  • Seat height: 15" - 25" | Armrest Height: 7" - 10"

  • Back height: 28" - 32"

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