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Pre-Loved Seating


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  • Tilt-in-Space;

  • Back Angle Recline;

  • Elevating Legrest;

  • Height Adjustable, Flip Up & Angle Adjustable Footplate;

  • Integral Seat Depth Adjustment;

  • Integral Seat Width Adjustment;

  • Integral Arm Rest Height Adjustment;

  • Removable Arm Rests;

  • Pressure Redistributing Reflexion Foam Seat Cushion;

  • Foam Back;

  • 4 Braked Castors;


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  • Standard features

  • Independent Tilt-in-Space

  • Adjustable Back Angle

  • Adjustable Seat Depth

  • Adjustable Seat Width

  • Adjustable and removable footplate

  • Removable seat cushion

  • Ultima vinyl Crib 5 with vapour permeable fabric on all contact surfaces

  • Medium risk visco foam on all contact surfaces

-Seat height to footplate 14-18”

-Seat width 15-19.5”

-Seat depth 16-23”

The new MultiAdjust is a cost effective, tool-free, highly adjustable seating system that provides postural support and pressure care without compromising the users comfort.

The Torino is a multi positional multi adjustable chair which can accommodate over 90% of the population.

Astro Porta

  • Manual

  • Tilt-in-Space

  • Built-in pressure relief

  • Leg rest elevation

  • Adjustable footplate.

  • Wipe down, breathable fabric.

  • Extremely simple for both carers and users to navigate.

  • 20 Stone Weight Capacity

The Astro Porta offers an excellent seating solution and provides exceptional comfort for users with a wide variety of needs, whilst being the perfect addition to your home


Lounge Chair

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