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Individuals & Families

In our quest to improve the quality of life of those who overcome daily mobility challenges, we work extensively with privately funded clients to provide Specialist Seating, Wheelchairs and other Healthcare Equipment. Hugely improved and enhanced day-to-day comfort and overall wellbeing is the nett result, parallelled with uncompromising quality, fair and realistic prices – and all with the shortest possible lead times.

We promise never to apply the “hard-sell” approach and are committed to providing (and backing up), the most appropriate equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients. With our several years of experience in the healthcare field, along with our vast range of equipment, we are confident that we have just the right piece of equipment to meet your needs.

The approach and ethos of our highly experienced product advisors is:

Compassionate, Patient, Knowledgeable and Fair.

In short: “There’s everything to gain by working with Accro Clearline and we are committed to supporting you (our valued client), through your challenging journey!”

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