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The Astro Voyager

  • Tilt-in-Space | Leg Rest Elevation | Back Angle Adjustment

  • All cushion elements can be unzipped for easy removal and cleaning.

  • Removable comfort arms provide sensory feedback and additional comfort, enhancing relaxation.

  • By adding/removing the polystyrene granules, the level of support can be altered to accommodate various body shapes.

  • Optional washable cover in grey terry cloth available.

  • Multi-adjustable to suit many individual users

  • Lightweight and easy to push

  • Adjustable headrest

  • Crash tested



For people who are limited to a passive seating position, the Voyager offers superb comfort, postural support and pressure relief. The polystyrene-filled back, seat and leg rest sections, ensure even pressure distribution for all parts of the body.

Seperate leg rest elevation

Maximise seating comfort with premium quality polystyrine granules. Each granule is between 3,6 mm and 5,6mm in diameter and has an insulating effect creating a comfortable temperature zone.


These granules are manufactured from 100% expanded polystyrene and are fully recyclable. They have been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and do not pose any hazard to human health.

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Technical Data

  • Total width: 68 - 73 cm

  • Total height (without headrest): 99 - 106 cm

  • Tilt angle: 0° - 30°

  • Legrest - footplate elevation: 73° - 107°

  • Armrest height: 22 - 32 cm

  • Seat height: 51 - 58 cm

  • Seat depth: 46 - 52 cm

  • Backrest height: 55 - 60 cm

  • Maximum user weight: 135 kg

Premium cushioned support

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