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Our Product Range

Specialist Seating & Wheelchairs

Clearline offers a range of Specialist Seating for users with varying needs. Most of our chairs are from stock and can be delivered within 1 week! We also offer Specialist Seating Assesments for Bespoke Chairs and work with several Occupational Therapists.

Pressure Care 

A comprehensive range of Very High Risk Pressure Relieving Matresses, Cushions, Positioning Cushions and Heel Pressure Relieving Boots, available from stock.

Other Specialist Products

A wide range of other Healthcare Equipment, including Hoists and Slings, Shower Chairs and Commodes, Nurse Alert Systems,  Nebulisers and Suction Machines.
Clearline specialise in providing Seating, Pressure Care and Handling Solutions for Healthcare. We are committed to enhancing the lives of the elderly and infirm through the ongoing innovation of our products and services.
We have identified a very definite need for a range of products and equipment that represent true value-for-money, with realistic price-tags and rapid delivery times.

All our equipment offers high levels of:

Pressure Relief

Postural Support


Aesthetic Appeal


We would be delighted to hear from you to arrange a free onsite demonstration or specific-user assessment.